Posted by: Susan | May 13, 2013

It started with coffee…

Mother’s Day started with the Hunk bringing me coffee in bed.  We had 20 uninterrupted minutes of talking and reading the paper before I had to go downstairs to prepare for the I walked downstairs and saw that even the dog had remembered this special day I knew that it was going to be a great day!  The thing I love about Mother’s Day is that the Hunk agrees to go places with me that would not normally be his first choice.  I wanted to go to the art museum so after lunch the 5 of us headed down to Cincinnati.IMG_6809And since it’s Mother’s Day does it really matter if 2 out of the 4 of us are not looking at the camera as long as I am?IMG_6810 IMG_6814 IMG_6816Sam is fascinated with all things having to do with mummies.  He was convinced that the mummy of King Tut was at the Cincinnati Art Museum but the Hunk convinced him that he wasn’t.  Somewhere between looking for mummies and looking for painting of families we got separated from the Hunk and Sam.IMG_6820IMG_6821As we wandered around looking at art and looking for Jim and Sam we came across this fabulous statue of Eve before she had to wear clothes.  Jake and April love anything biblical.  We had a lively discussion about sin and then continued looking for the missing two.

IMG_6823 IMG_6827 IMG_6832These are a few of their favorite things…………….and then we hit pay dirt, an entire room and alcove of biblical art.  They were in heaven(pun intended).IMG_6838 IMG_6841 photo(20)We finally did track down Jim and Sam back by the gift shop.  A quick look into the Asian room and we were out of there.

photo(5)But of course now Sam insisted on one more picture before we left the Cincinnati Art Museum.

IMG_6843Later that night I called downstairs in my sweetest voice with a request.  Surely I could stretch Mother’s Day just a little longer.  A few minutes later my darling husband brought me a cup of tea.  It started with a cup of coffee and ended with a cup of tea.  Ahhhh, Mother’s Day.

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