Posted by: Susan | May 23, 2013

Pushing buttons

Sam is a master at knowing what buttons to push to annoy his siblings.  For example he loves our fat dachshund, Max the Wonder Dog, and gives Max lots of attention when he comes home from school.  Later that night as Max takes up his place at the dinner table, under the table with his head on the Hunks leg whining, Sam starts calling him ‘Mutt’ (Max, not the Hunk).  This drives April and Jake crazy and of course they have to comment on it.Sam and Max

He knows how to get to April.  The minute she walks in the door from school he says, “Hi Princess!”  April hates it and a verbal battle begins.  Personally I would love it if someone would call me Princess or better yet, Her Majesty.IMG_7285

And yes, he knows Jacob’s ‘buttons’ too.  All he has to do is talk like Sponge Bob or whisper something to him under his breath.

IMG_6406Whatever team April or Jake are rooting for he chooses the competing team.  The guy does like to bug his siblings.IMG_0281Let’s just put that myth to rest that children with Down syndrome are like an angel sent from heaven.  Children with DS are like any other kid when it comes to siblings.  Fortunately Sam has many other redeeming qualities.  IMG_2256 What kind of sibling dynamics are happening at your house?


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