Posted by: Susan | May 27, 2013

Teaching our children to remember….Memorial Day.

Today is Memorial Day a day we remember our fallen heroes in the military and now also the first responder heroes from 9-11.  We as parents must teach our children about the importance of the day.  Why do we go to parades and what are the parades about?  Why are all those flags on the graves and what they mean.  And yes, we must teach them to our children with Down Syndrome too.  As strange as this sounds today would be a good day to take your family to a cemetery where you can view the decorated graves.  We went yesterday to Spring Grove Cemetery.

First we viewed the Civil War graves and Jim explained how they were laid out and why.  It was a great time to talk about the Civil War and the sacrifices made for freedom.IMG_0916 IMG_0918 IMG_0924

Then we went to see the grave of our friend Scott Morrison who lost his life in Afghanistan.  Scotty will always be remembered by our family for the way he interacted with and showed kindness to April, Jake and Sam.  He was a great friend.ScottIMG_0933IMG_0934Yes, there were tears as there always are when we visit Scott’s grave and that’s OK.  After the tears we remember all the good times we had with him and how proud we are of him for his service to our country.  April even sang 2 verses of the Battle Hymn of the Republic which seemed very fitting.

We finished our tour of remembering by viewing 2 tons of steel from the World Trade Center and pictures of the 343 firemen that lost their lives when they bravely rushed in to save the people in the twin towers.IMG_0943IMG_0939IMG_0941Later this morning we will attend a Memorial Day parade and while we are enjoying that parade we will remember why we have it.  Keep the memories of these brave people alive by teaching your children what today means.

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