Posted by: Susan | June 3, 2013

Summer Life Skills Lesson #1

So much to teach our kids with DS.  I paid bills today and since Sam is already bored on summer vacation(day 1!) I took him with me to the post office.  Light bulb moment….I will teach Sam about why we pay bills every month and what each one is for.  You can only imagine how happy he was with this little lesson.  Oh, and while I’m at it I might as well throw in a reading lesson and work on money skills’ll be happy to know that Sam identified a $20 bill and estimated change.  Then he read all the addresses to me and learned about paying the electric bill, property taxes, car registration, medical bill and Kohl’s (for his clothes).  I am pretty sure he understands the electric bill because he needs electricity to play the Wii.  His eyes did glaze over when I explained property taxes and quite frankly while I was explaining that concept I wondered when I actually learned about that wonderful tax.  Fine motor skills came into play when he took those sticky stamps off that wax paper and placed them in the corner of the envelope.  The only time he didn’t complain was when he got to mail the letters because he got to put them in 4 different mail slots.  For one final life skill I showed him on our licence plate where we will adhere the registration sticker when it comes.

Disclaimer:  Sam’s grumpy expression I am sure had nothing to do with my fabulous idea to teach him about paying bills.  He really, really loved learning about car registrations and property taxes.

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