Posted by: Susan | June 5, 2013

A letter to George Lucas

Dear Mr. Lucas,  May I call you George?  I knew you wouldn’t mind.  So George, I am writing this letter to thank you for producing the Star War movies.  When your first movie came out, Star Wars (now called Star Wars IV, A New Hope) it was 1977 and I was in California living the good life in Manhattan Beach.  Little did I know how much your movies would help me later in life.  I was just one of the hordes of people who paid $3.00 to watch your stellar movie with amazing special effects.  Fast forward 6 kids, 6 moves and almost 36 years of marriage.  This is the reason I am writing to you.IMG_3661IMG_4451This is my son Sam who is 16, constantly moving and happens to have Down syndrome.  Yesterday he had a double hernia repair in a place that causes a male to walk like a penguin for several days after the procedure.  My plan was to let Sam rent two DVD’s to watch after he came home from the hospital and he picked out the original Star Wars (IV) and Star Wars 3 (now called Star Wars VI, Return Of The Jedi).  When Sam returned home from the hospital drugged up on Hydrocodon he looked like didn’t take away the pain but the original Star Wars movie distracted him enough that he was able to endure the pain.  Sam wanted me to sit on the sofa with him and watch the movie.  I was transported back to 1977 until a few minutes later I thought, “Hey, these special effects aren’t so special in 2013.”  I also thought, “Princess Lea you are in desperate need of a new hairdo and wardrobe.”  We sat together watching all the action until I drifted off during the last chase scene which was awesome in the theaters in  1977.

After a rather uncomfortable night for Sam he awoke at 6am wanting to get up.  I was fine with that because movie #3, now #VI was waiting to go into the DVD player.  Only first Sam had to, there is no nice way to say this, urinate.  Because he had (this is going to sound like too much information) a catheter during the surgery it hurt to….pee.  But pee he must or it was another trip back to the doctor for another catheterization, ouch.  George, in my wildest dreams I never thought I would hear myself say this, “Sam, you can’t watch Return of the Jedi until you pee!”  I am happy to report that it worked.  Minutes later he was watching Princess Lea in her very skimpy outfit rocking a new hairdo as those Jedi did their thing.

So George I just wanted you to know that your movies, however they are labeled now, are great for pain management and bribery.  I am forever in your debt for helping my guy make it through these last 2 days.  If any other parents ask me how they can get their boys through this procedure I will tell them, “Watch two Star Wars movies and call me in the morning.”


A very grateful mother!

PS: Sam is still walking like a penguin but feeling much better.


  1. You are a classic comedian, Susan!! Hope Sam is feeling better real soon.

    • I meant every word;)

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