Posted by: Susan | June 18, 2013

Overheard in my car….

While driving Jake and Sam to Vacation Bible school, where they volunteer for the week, the following discussion took place.  But first the back story.  Jake and April saw Shrek the Musical 4 times in the last 2 weeks!  April has a crush on one of the actors in the play.IMG_1252April:  “I wish I could be a princess like Fiona in Shrek.”

Me: “April you know that’s all pretend just like the movie.”  As I write this it occurs to me what a Debbie Downer I am.

April:  ” I said I wish I could be a princess.”

Me:  ” Well, I could call you Princess April or Princess Joy (her middle name).”

Jake, from the back seat:  “Or we could call you Princess Annoying!”

If I had been drinking coffee I would have sprayed it on the windshield or snorted it up my nose.  As Sam likes to say, “Ooooooooo come back!”

And since the above picture is lousy and I want to show you what Princess April looks like I will post my favorite recent picture of April.IMG_1160Princess April is sitting with her sister Princess Jenny although she prefers to be called Princess Jen.

And one little tidbit to close this post.  Princess April will be in a photo shoot next week for Hoxworth Blood Center.  She is going to be featured in their upcoming ad campaign.  This rock star, blood donating princess has given almost 2 gallons of blood….amazing!


  1. Marcus LOVES Shrek the musical. His favorite song, perhaps of any song ever is “Who I’d be.” He’s working on it especially in voice lessons right now. It’s very moving when he sings this one.

    • My guys now want me to buy them the sound track from the movie. I have a feeling we will be hearing a lot more Shrieking, I mean Shreking around here:)

  2. I think we all know April is, and always has been, a princess. I on the other hand do not want to be called Princess anything. I’m happiest outside of the monarchy.

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