Posted by: Susan | June 20, 2013

Finding my MOJO

Recently I posted this on Facebook:

I seem to have lost my MOJO since the kids have been out of school.  Please send it back to me if you find it.  I’m desperate….mojo 2

It all started on May 31, the last day of school.  I knew that on June 4th Sam would have surgery that would slow him down for several weeks so I crammed in a couple of activities before that happened.IMG_1038 IMG_1026A trip to the zoo….

IMG_1105 IMG_1101 IMG_1082 IMG_1090A visit to the National Fire Heritage Muster…  And really Sam has made a speedy recovery but keeping him less active seems to have gotten me out of my groove.  The endless days, 20 so far, of making 3 gluten-free, diabetic friendly meals are setting me on edge.  Me telling Sam to turn the Wii down over and over again is making me cranky.  Coming up with something fun for Jake and Sam to do that doesn’t involve running or jumping or dancing too wildly or riding roller coasters has begun to wear on me.

It’s not that I haven’t tried to get my MOJO back.  At first I thought that MOJO might be a contraction of the words more jo and so I upped my coffee consumption.  After that didn’t work I self medicated on donuts.   The Hunk even told me one day that I seemed edgy.  In my donut fed over caffeinated state I was highly offended by his remark.IMG_1016So in my quest to find my MOJO I have come up with a plan.  I will take some deep breaths and force myself to do less!  I will look for the magic in the ordinary and point it out to my kids.  If I accomplish one thing a day I will consider it a successful day.  Instead of trying to plan everything I will just let the day unfold in all of its summer goodness.    Sigh…………….  I am feeling better already!


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