Posted by: Susan | July 2, 2013

Summer time and the living is…..busy!

When July hits I know the summer is going to start flying by.  Yesterday Sam got clearance to resume all activities.  His hernia operation slowed him down a little bit but now he is back up to speed.  We spent the day learning and bowling and going out to dinner with friends.IMG_1449 IMG_1451 IMG_1454To me nothing says summer like spending lots of time in the library.  We enjoyed a Birds of Prey presentation yesterday.  Sam is checking out a tumbling pigeon that is not a bird of prey. The pigeons name is Elvis which fits our theme this week!  The birds were up close and personal.  The red-tailed hawk was a little too close and personal for me.  Check out those talons!

IMG_1461 IMG_1462Bowling in our summer league is a perfect break from the heat or yesterday’s rain.  We have rain forecast for the next few days and I hope it doesn’t ruin our big plans.

elvis 1First big plan… Elvis will be at the Blue Ash Nature Park tonight at 7pm and we will be there too.  Sam is planning on wearing part of his birthday gift to the concert.ELVISTomorrow you will find April, Sam and Jake at Kings Island riding roller coasters after a month-long break due to Sam’s surgery.  In the evening we will be going to a concert put on by the Blue Ash/Montgomery Symphony Orchestra: Musical Stories of the Old West.  Then on the 4th it will be off to a parade, picnic and then Red, White and Blue Ash.

If you live in Cincinnati come and join us as we celebrate the 4th of July.


  1. I love these kiddos! I wish I could spend the 4th with you guys!

    • You can come visit us in Cincinnati any time!

    • You can come visit us in Cincinnati any time!

  2. Wow! Busy summer is right!
    Marcus is an Elvis lover too.
    Have fun!

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