Posted by: Susan | July 4, 2013

Oh yes we did….

Never let a little rain slow you down.IMG_1507We were in the car for about 20 minutes waiting for the Montgomery 4th of July parade to start.  I was reallllllllllllllllllllly ready to get out of that hot car.IMG_1508Jake was not happy that his feet were getting wet.IMG_1516The band did not look like they were having fun but…IMG_1528 IMG_1540most people were having a good time.

IMG_1529I am going to give this woman the ‘Most Dedicated’ award.  She was marching and handing out flyers.

IMG_1525 IMG_1526And since I am giving out awards I love these pictures for the ‘Most Evil Looking’ and the ‘Most Patriotic’.

I would love to stay and chat but we are headed out to a picnic and yes, it is still raining.  Never let a little rain slow you down.IMG_1538One final award, ‘Most Fun’!  Happy 4th of July

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