Posted by: Susan | July 9, 2013

Magic in the mundane


  1. Lacking interest or excitement; dull.

I’ve been thinking about the word mundane and the magic we can find in a so-called mundane day or task.  For example the last 2 days have been haircuts for April, Jake and Sam and a grooming for the dog.  IMG_1640This mundane task quickly turns to magical as you try to get 3 kids and a dog to pose for one picture.

IMG_1650There was a lot of ‘look at the camera’ and ‘stop making bunny ears behind your sister’ and laughter.  See, mundane elevated to magical.  And for another example I present a trip to the park.

IMG_1598Not a trip to Paris and not a ride to the top of the Eiffel Tower but magical none the less.

IMG_1603IMG_1614 IMG_1617You never know when the magic is going to appear you just have to be open and looking for it.  Blogging helps because you focus on the everyday things that take place.IMG_1586At the park April insisted that the Hunk and I kiss so she could take a picture.  After 35 years sometimes kissing seems rather mundane but on Sunday April caught the magic in the moment.IMG_1589Some day I would like to go back to Paris or swim with the dolphins or see Mt. Rushmore and those are great goals as long as I don’t miss the magic in the mundane.  Really the mundane is just an adventure waiting to happen.



  1. I always want to make each moment count, be memorable, magical. Glad others see those moments in the mundane, too! Thanks for your comment on my blog today – I like to think it’s just a passing phase, too, and hope she’ll grow out of her birthday party anxiety. And I love the idea about 1:1 time with the birthday girl! What a great idea!

  2. Your blog today reminds me of “One Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voskamp—a favorite book of mine these days. Keep on kissin’!

    • Keep on kissing is great advice.

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