Posted by: Susan | July 12, 2013

Two must reads

I came across to articles this week that I wish everyone in the world would read.  There are still so many misconceptions out there about Down syndrome.  The first article is about a mom who contacted a church  looking for someone to adopt her unborn baby.  If no one came forward in one day she was going to abort.  Church Flooded with calls after posting Down Syndrome baby adoption plea.

The next story is written about how a mother worked through her feelings after finding out that her unborn baby would be born with Down syndrome.  Be warned she does use some colorful words but the story is amazing.  Check out the story over at Green Tree Ginger. 

It has been a very busy week with everyone home and little time to post.  I was surprised and delighted when this picture of Jake appeared on my Facebook page.

Jake a-marika See you next week…………..

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