Posted by: Susan | July 19, 2013


How does it happen that one minute you are holding and infant and the next minute you are singing “Happy Birthday” to your 21-year-old?0000000400000003Our butterball Jacob quickly changed into a much slimmer version as the years rolled by.

0000000600000005Alas his bright red hair turned to brown but every once in a while I see the red in his….beard!

00000011He’s still active just in different ways.

00000008We had a busy week celebrating his 21st birthday with parties and King’s Island and presents and of course cake!  Like any twenty-one year old he wanted to celebrate with a drink.IMG_1668Jake’s drink of choice was a sugar-free (he’s diabetic) Red Bull that he shared with his siblings.

IMG_1672I don’t know what Jake is contemplating in this picture.  Perhaps it is my lack of skills at making a cake but beneath those candles is gluten-free goodness.  I went light on the icing because of the diabetic thing going on but he loved it anyway.  Happy Birthday my most awesome Jacob!  You have given me 21 years of pure JOY.


  1. Such a milestone. Happy Birthday Jacob!

  2. Yea! Happy Birthday!!!
    It’s amazing how fast it all slips by, so true.

  3. Sweet photos!

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