Posted by: Susan | July 30, 2013

Overheard at my house.

Is it just me or does the end of July seem to be the peak of sibling arguing?  We are 2 months!!! into summer vacation with 29 days to go before school starts.  Yes, I am counting down the days.  There is a lot of 2 ganging up on 1 going on around here.  Case in point.

Jake, “April I saw a deer on the way home this morning.”

Sam, “I am going to eat that deer.”

April, “No, you’re not Sam.”

Sam, ” Yes I am.  It tastes like chicken.”

Jake, “How would you like a knuckle sandwich?  It tastes like chicken.”

This was after an entire morning of arguing followed by a trip to the eye doctor where Jake and April both had exams and dilation.

IMG_1936IMG_1939And since Jake and April’s pupils are dilated to the size of saucers they are wearing around these sunglasses.  Speaking of glasses here is a preview of April’s new $500 glasses.IMG_1935OK, I exaggerated a little because we did get a discount and only had to pay $430.  I told the optician we weren’t getting Jake glasses because we needed the money to go on vacation.  She gave me a really weird look.  Perhaps she doesn’t get my weird sense of humor.  Thankfully Jake didn’t need glasses.

RIght now the house is quiet.   Jake and April are dancing with the Wii and Sam is putting his clothes away.  Hopefully this will last for a little while longer.  IMG_1941One thing I know for sure is there is wine in my future and no cooking for tonight.  The Hunk will be taking all 3 quarrelsome kids out to dinner and I will be going to my book club.  I wonder what he will overhear tonight?


  1. Yea! Enjoy the night “off” 🙂

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