Posted by: Susan | August 10, 2013

There’s no place like home.

There’s no place like home especially if you live in Blue Ash, Ohio.  My reason for buying in our neighborhood is so April, Jake and Sam can walk everywhere BY THEMSELVES.  Last night 7 of us walked up to see the Wizard of Oz at the Blue Ash Amphitheater.IMG_2179Yep, that’s Sam holding hands with his “friend” Bren.  They had their own seating at the play and by seating I mean lawn chairs that we had set up earlier in the day.

The light dimmed and the wonderful production began.  Wonderful because of the way it was staged and cast.  We knew many, many members of the cast and audience.  That’s why I love community theater so much.IMG_2182IMG_2183 IMG_2184Intermission was spent talking with Bren’s mom and neighbors that were attending.  And where were my 3?  I had no idea but it didn’t matter because they are ever so safe in this ‘home’ environment.  After the show they had to go visit with the cast.IMG_2191Here April, Sam and Bren are posing with our neighbor Ed.  Ed played the Lion and I thought he stole the show.

IMG_2193The Wicked Witch of the West was so convincing that she looked, dare I say, ugly while she was performing.  Back to her normal self she is gorgeous.  Note to self, watch out with my facial expressions.  Right after this picture Sam disappeared.  Anywhere else and I would have freaked out but since we were in our own community I was not worried.  I knew that Sam had decided to run home, in the dark at 10:45pm.  He ditched me and Bren.  Bad Sam.  For the rest of us to get home we didn’t have to click our ruby slippers 3 times but just head our flip-flops in the direction of our house.

The Wizard of Oz teaches us so much about family, connections, friends and home.  What a great reminder about contentment and loving where you live.  Thank you Eastside Players and don’t worry April, Jake and Sam will be back for 3 more performances.


  1. What a great place to live!

    • We love it here:)

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