Posted by: Susan | September 6, 2013

What every mom wants to hear from her son’s teacher.

I recently emailed all 7 of Sam’s teachers to let them know I will be out-of-town for 5 days.  I have to miss the high school Open House.  I feel it is important to support the teachers by attending because I know they have put much time and effort into preparing for this special night.  But this year seeing my best friend trumps the Open House.  The Hunk won’t be attending in my place but that’s another blog post:)IMG_2302Sometimes I wonder how Sam does at school because at home he moves………………alot.

IMG_2419IMG_2195And not only is he always moving but on occasion he doesn’t listen to me.  I know, I know that is hard to believe about a teenager.

This arrived in my inbox shortly after I sent an email to all the teachers explaining m absence from the Open House.  I added the bold and underlining for emphasis and because I was blown away when I read it.

Hi Susan,

Have a wonderful time with your best friend. Those are the best kind of vacations!!!

I love having Sam in class. He is good as gold with a great sense of humor. All the kids love him!!!

What a terrific mom you are!

See you next time.

She LOVES having my guy in her class AND!!!!! he is as good as gold.  All the kids love him.  Does it get any better than that?


Now about that sense of humor…


  1. What an awesome teacher. He’s gonna have a great year! Enjoy your vacation!

    • Thanks. I received another positive comment from a teacher later this morning. Apparently Sam contributes in class! Go Sam.

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