Posted by: Susan | September 20, 2013

A daughter’s love

Last night April and a friend went to the “mall” for dinner and a little shopping.  So what did she spend her hard earned cash on?

Image Oh yes, she bought this necklace.  April and her Dad are very tight and she wanted him to have this gift.  Two days ago the Hunk had a procedure, which is code word for a colonoscopy.  I didn’t go into great detail about what that entailed.  She stayed at home while I went with Jim.  While we were gone she prayed and posted on Facebook that her dad needed prayers.  Later when I called her to tell her that Dad was fine and had a poly removed she posted that he had a hole cut out of his stomach.  We got lots of comments about that! 

April and the Hunk are now each proudly wearing their necklace.  Just before she went to bed last night she sent Jim this text:

Its a daughter love relationship to a father to bring joy in your world

Well said my April..



  1. Beautiful!!

    • I was so touched when she did this. Jim an April have such a strong bond.

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