Posted by: Susan | October 2, 2013

31 for 21…This is our life!

Since I will be blogging for 31 days about Down Syndrome Awareness I have decided to post daily stories about our typical days.  My focus will be on living with DS one day at a time.

Last week April and I went to the pharmacy.  Seeing the advertisement for the flu shot she asked if she could get one.  I know, I know it’s crazy that she wants a flu shot.  At the time she had on a long sleeve shirt with banded, tight cuffs so I suggested that we wait until next week.  Yesterday I came home from an errand and she asked me to take her for her shot.  Notice her outfit.IMG_2990Oh yes, no sleeves. The better to get your shot outfit!  She gave the tech her insurance card, filled out all the paper work and handed it in.

IMG_2992Our regular pharmacist, Mr. Cutie, wasn’t there and I thought she might want to wait.  No, Mr. Cutie 2 would be just fine.  My face did not look like this when I got my shot!

IMG_2995We actually had fun joking around and taking pictures.  We know everyone at CVS very, very well.  All those papers Beth handed April were for 1 flu shot.  After the shot April suggested that we head on out to Starbucks.

IMG_2997When I got a brain freeze from drinking my skinny, tall, mocha chocolate chip frappuccino too fast April said, “Put your tongue on the roof of your mouth Mom!”  Thank goodness I have April to remind me of the important things in life…flu shots and brain freezes.31 for 21



  1. Love that girl!

  2. Thanks for reminding me, too.
    Flu Shot time…

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