Posted by: Susan | October 4, 2013

31 for 21…THIS is our Life!

31 for 2131 posts for October about our very typical life:

Just like many towns around the country we are celebrating Homecoming Week-end for the local high school and that includes a PARADE.  PARADE should always be in caps because it is a big deal and they throw candy and who doesn’t like a PARADE.  This year our PARADE was held for the first time in the evening.  Sam is the only one still in high school but April and Jake are alumni and knew many people in the Parade.IMG_3014IMG_3016Obviously Jake is very excited about the parade.  Even though Jake, April and Sam have Down syndrome they have been fully included in the culture of the high school.  They are accepted and liked and know people because of the interaction in their regular classes, after school activities and sporting events.IMG_3037My favorite part of the parade was when this big, burly football player was marching by and stepped out of line to give Sam a bear hug.  Yep, they had met in some shared class.

IMG_3034 IMG_3040Just another typical day here being part of the community.


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