Posted by: Susan | October 11, 2013

31 for 21…THIS is our life!

ImageBig brother Derek arrived home last night at 11pm.  I had lots of plans which I shared with him.  I am a doer and like to make sure I squeeze every moment out of each day.  Plan 1, go down to the Ohio River, on the Kentucky side, and have lunch.  This trip would probably take 3 hours out of our day.  Derek very diplomatically said that it sounded like fun but he really wanted to:

1.  Spend time one on one with Jacob designing a t-shirt together on his computer.

2.  Take Sam to the pet store to spend alone time with him and keep him engaged.  Sam loves the pet store.

3.  Take April out by herself so they can have some brother/sister heart to hearts.

We said good night to D at 11:45pm and he caught up with his work until 1:30am.ImageAnd guess who was downstairs at 5:45am to have breakfast with his brothers before they went to school?  So I have canceled my big plans for the more important things in life like…ImageImageImagewatching my 2 grown kids see who can swing the highest.  This is gonna be a great weekend!



  1. Hi! I just found my way here, and I’m glad I did. Your family has so much fun! 🙂 I look forward to reading more!

    • Thanks Bethany. I have been blessed with a large family and we love to find fun, free things to do. OK, we do have season passes to a local amusement park but everything else….free:)

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