Posted by: Susan | June 14, 2016

Flag Day, Why fly the flag.

Today, June 14, is Flag Day and we should fly our flag.  Why does it matter you might ask?  Well, flying a flag shows our patriotism, the support of our troops, the unity of our country, and that the nation is mourning.  And our nation is mourning.  As you drive about you should see the flags at Federal, State and City building flying at half mast to mourn the loss of all who perished in Orlando. This is a perfect teachable moment for your kids.  I told April, Jake and Samuel briefly about what happened in Orlando.  I then showed them how the flags are flying half-way down the flag pole and what that means.  We as a nation can mourn together.

Take a moment today to fly your flag.



  1. We’re flying ours today!

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