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31 for 21…This is our life

31 for 21Sunday…church together with note passing among Jake and big brother Derek….IMG_3297

Followed by male bonding at a car show…BWeh3YGCIAEReODBWe44JlCAAAjOsE

Finished up the day with 5 siblings, 2 grandkids and our son-in-law Pete sharing Sunday dinner.IMG_3303 IMG_3306

Spending family time together…a perfect Sunday.

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31 for 21…………THIS is our life!


Things I thought I would never say to my 16-year-old son with Down syndrome:  “You can play Obama Alien Defense for 5 minutes and then you have to play something else!”  Who comes up with these games?ImageThankfully Sam moved on to Hockey something something something…………………..  After this picture was taken the 3 brothers and the Hunk headed out to a Cruise In car show.

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31 for 21…THIS is our life!

ImageBig brother Derek arrived home last night at 11pm.  I had lots of plans which I shared with him.  I am a doer and like to make sure I squeeze every moment out of each day.  Plan 1, go down to the Ohio River, on the Kentucky side, and have lunch.  This trip would probably take 3 hours out of our day.  Derek very diplomatically said that it sounded like fun but he really wanted to:

1.  Spend time one on one with Jacob designing a t-shirt together on his computer.

2.  Take Sam to the pet store to spend alone time with him and keep him engaged.  Sam loves the pet store.

3.  Take April out by herself so they can have some brother/sister heart to hearts.

We said good night to D at 11:45pm and he caught up with his work until 1:30am.ImageAnd guess who was downstairs at 5:45am to have breakfast with his brothers before they went to school?  So I have canceled my big plans for the more important things in life like…ImageImageImagewatching my 2 grown kids see who can swing the highest.  This is gonna be a great weekend!


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31 for 21…THIS is our life


This recently appeared on my Facebook so here are pictures of my 2 daughters….

ImageBoth are beautiful and smart!

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31 fpr 21…THIS is our life!


The penguin that Sam is holding plays the Cupid Shuffle.  Sam had been playing and dancing to the music when Jake decided he had heard enough.


Oh such sweet brotherly love….NOT!

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31 for 21…THIS is our Life!

31 for 21A picture post of a very packed weekend.IMG_3084IMG_3080Rowdy fans

IMG_3072IMG_3104Half-time performer

IMG_3140 IMG_3145 IMG_3148 IMG_3166 IMG_3186 IMG_3191

Homecoming Dance

In-between these festivities Sam and Jake went to Kings Island where they got stuck on a roller coaster, visited big sister’s house to celebrate their nephew’s birthday, went to Youth Group and of course April worked on Saturday.  Another typical weekend at our house.

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31 for 21…THIS is our Life!

31 for 2131 posts for October about our very typical life:

Just like many towns around the country we are celebrating Homecoming Week-end for the local high school and that includes a PARADE.  PARADE should always be in caps because it is a big deal and they throw candy and who doesn’t like a PARADE.  This year our PARADE was held for the first time in the evening.  Sam is the only one still in high school but April and Jake are alumni and knew many people in the Parade.IMG_3014IMG_3016Obviously Jake is very excited about the parade.  Even though Jake, April and Sam have Down syndrome they have been fully included in the culture of the high school.  They are accepted and liked and know people because of the interaction in their regular classes, after school activities and sporting events.IMG_3037My favorite part of the parade was when this big, burly football player was marching by and stepped out of line to give Sam a bear hug.  Yep, they had met in some shared class.

IMG_3034 IMG_3040Just another typical day here being part of the community.


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31 for 21…THIS is our life.

31 posts for October about our very typical life:Image

Facebook post about Sam and Jake,

Jake and Sam are walking to bowling. Jake turns to me and says, ” Don’t worry I’m going to watch him like a hawk!” To Sam he says, “Let’s go troublemaker.”jake and sam bowlingGotta love that sibling interaction.  Jake, The Informer, called me 10 minutes after this picture was taken to report on his brother’s behavior!

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31 for 21…This is our life!

Since I will be blogging for 31 days about Down Syndrome Awareness I have decided to post daily stories about our typical days.  My focus will be on living with DS one day at a time.

Last week April and I went to the pharmacy.  Seeing the advertisement for the flu shot she asked if she could get one.  I know, I know it’s crazy that she wants a flu shot.  At the time she had on a long sleeve shirt with banded, tight cuffs so I suggested that we wait until next week.  Yesterday I came home from an errand and she asked me to take her for her shot.  Notice her outfit.IMG_2990Oh yes, no sleeves. The better to get your shot outfit!  She gave the tech her insurance card, filled out all the paper work and handed it in.

IMG_2992Our regular pharmacist, Mr. Cutie, wasn’t there and I thought she might want to wait.  No, Mr. Cutie 2 would be just fine.  My face did not look like this when I got my shot!

IMG_2995We actually had fun joking around and taking pictures.  We know everyone at CVS very, very well.  All those papers Beth handed April were for 1 flu shot.  After the shot April suggested that we head on out to Starbucks.

IMG_2997When I got a brain freeze from drinking my skinny, tall, mocha chocolate chip frappuccino too fast April said, “Put your tongue on the roof of your mouth Mom!”  Thank goodness I have April to remind me of the important things in life…flu shots and brain freezes.31 for 21


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31 for 21 Down Syndrome Awareness Month

October 1st is the official start of Down Syndrome Awareness Month.  So what’s up with the theme “31 for 21”?  DS is caused by an extra chromosome on the 21st pair.  That’s it, just one little chromosome that puts out “extra matter”.  So in honor of this special month I hope to post “31” blogs for “21”…Down Syndrome

Every day here is Down Syndrome awareness day living with April, Jake and Sam but the thing is our day is very normal.  I bet it looks a lot like your day if you still have kids at home.  This week is Homecoming Week.  Sam is the only one still in high school so we are busy planning for the big dance.  As alumni of Sycamore High School, Jake and April will be part of the festivities too by watching the parade and attending the football game.  At half-time Sam will sing with his school choir during the half-time performance.


Take away for today…..our family is really pretty much the same as yours.  We want for our children what you want for yours…acceptance and love.  For us it’s not about the “extra matter” but that they matter just like everyone else.

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