Posted by: Susan | October 1, 2010

Get out there!

Today while sitting at the breakfast table I showed Jake this cool little globe I had bought.  I want my kids to see where places are located in the world.  We are reading a story with Japan for a setting.  See, here it is on the globe Jake.    He asked me to find the Badlands of South Dakota on the globe.   He made the connection.  We can find a physical location on the globe. Everything seems to connect to something else. I was impressed that he even knew about the Badlands.  I want to expose my kids to as many things as possible.  That’s why on Saturday I am taking them to Books by the Banks.  We are talking the banks of the Ohio River!  There will be 110 authors there and lots to do.  Check it out here  One of my favorite children’s author will be there-Jim Arnosky.     Also I am there to check out this local author and her book.  Where did Teddy Roosevelt  go to recover from the loss of his first wife and mother(who died on the same day)?  The Badlands. See what I mean about knowledge connecting.  I am sure we will be making lots of new connections at Books By the Banks.  I believe my job is to build a base of knowledge for my kids to help expand their ‘connections’.

Sunday more river stuff.  We got free tickets to the Cincinnati Reds baseball game.  The Great American Ball Park is located, you guessed it, on the Ohio river.  We can watch baseball and river traffic at the same time.    Both of our outings are free.  Look in your local paper.  I bet there is lots to do in your community this weekend.  You just have to get out there and do it.  Having fun, adding knowledge and building connections- perfect.

Last night Jake, April and I went to the Volley for the Cure volleyball game at the high school.  Good news-we won.  Better news- Jake ditched us as soon as we got to the high school and I didn’t even see him until after the game was over.  He was with his friends!  Best news-I won a free nights stay at the Embassy Suites in  Lexington, KY…………………………

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