Posted by: Susan | October 11, 2010

Cookies for breakfast..our weeeeekend in reverse

Monday……..It’s true.  I let Sam eat cookies for breakfast.  I made gluten-free cookies before he got up this morning.  I am a morning person and it seemed like a good thing to do.  I also made gluten-free french toast.  He is pointing to the piece he wants-the heel!  One happy boy off to school with 2 cookies and 2 pieces of french toast in his belly.

We had a fabulous weekend.  Summer weather here.  We went to a Cruise In at Spring Grove Cemetary and Arboretum.

Sunday…..You went where to do what?  That’s right we went to a cemetery.  This place is fabulous.  Think huge park like setting with activities going on all the time.  As we drove through we saw hayrides, tramrides, people taking pictures, people sitting by the lake enjoying the swans.  We pointed out Civil War cannons, different trees, and unique grave markers.  We talked mausoleums.  A natural discussion took place about what happens when we die.  We also looked at the beautiful trees with fall foliage because it is an arboretum.  Classes from the University of Cincinnati and Xavier U. meet here to study the trees.   When we left we saw a wedding taking place on the grounds in the Norman Chapel.  So much to discuss with the kids here.

Saturday…… was Heritage Day in the park by our house.

Carriage rides went right past our house all day long!

The man at the tomahawk throw remembered the boys from last year.  They were part of the few that could actually get that tomahawk to stick!  I threw it too.  OK, maybe I was the oldest and tallest in line but with my new attitude, see here, I knew I had to try.  I got it dead center on my 3rd try.  If you don’t believe me I have this witness.She got that tomahawk in the target too.

So what have I learned this weekend?  

1.  There are so many chances daily to teach our kids about life.

2.  It is easy to bring  joy to your family with just the simple things in life…..Cookies!

3.  We might form a family tomahawk demonstration group.  Hey, we are all so skilled at it.  What do you think?

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