Posted by: Susan | May 12, 2011

Hands on learning.

Jake and Sam have been study rocks, minerals and fossils at school.  In addition Jake is learning things like the geological time lines, for instance, the Precambrian era covers 88% of the Earth’s history.  Here is Jake’s high school text from his regular science class.It’s one thing to see it in a book and do some hands on experiments at school.  It is another thing to go here!

Oh yes, on Saturday they went to a Rock, Mineral and Fossil show.  It was huge with lots of hands on things for them to do such as…

Pan for gold.

Learn about and dig for fossils.

See huge fossils just like the ones in the science book.

Hold lots of rocks and minerals.  April was on a hunt for bling and found this…

And best of all get to pick out your own geode and watch a guy crush it until it opens revealing the beauty inside.

What’s not to love about holding prehistoric bones and shark teeth.  Hand on learning at its best.

I have written, in each of the boy’s IEP, that an extra set of textbooks can be kept at home.  This year they are both in a regular science class so I have a copy of those books at home to use for review.  Something as simple as looking at the pictures and reading the captions is a big help to them.  I also read the newspaper weekly to see if there is anything we can do in the community to get that hands on learning that goes along with what they are studying at school.  Many, many times I find things that link up the two.  In addition I get picture books or easy books out of the library that go along with each unit they studying.

I hope these ideas help.  It makes learning so much more enjoyable for the kids and easier to understand.  BTW each of my children came home with this…Jake and Sam took their rocks, minerals and fossils to school to share with their class!

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