Posted by: Susan | August 29, 2011

My kids with down syndrome Rock!

Oh yes, we took the kids to their first rock concert on Sunday night.  We couldn’t have picked a better group…Credence Clearwater Revival Revisited.  The group has everything needed in a rock band, some original group members, a tattooed bad boy  and classic hits played loudly.  We were able to walk to the concert.  When the concert started Sam immediately put his fingers in his ears.  Jim was concerned but I said he just to had to get over it.  I have to listen to his loud music that he plays daily in the basement.  He was fine.

The concert started and Jake was the first one out of his seat to dance.  Very quickly the other two joined in.  Who can sit when you hear songs like Proud Mary, Susie Q, Down on the Bayou and Midnight Special?  Not me.  We all danced the night away with CCR.

My kids……………………ROCK!

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