Posted by: Susan | November 17, 2011

Apple Picking Time

The first weekend in November the Hunk suggested that we go apple picking.  A friend had told him the name of an orchard that had the best apples in Ohio.  When my man suggests an activity for the family I jump on it.  I Googled that place faster than you can say high-speed internet.  I found the address and directions but was surprised they didn’t have a web site.  Off we went on a warm Sunday afternoon to find the best apples in Ohio a mere only 20 miles away.

As usual Sam was ahead of us on the run.

OK, he was way…………………ahead of us on our apple orchard stroll.  You see we were walking through the orchard not carrying any baskets to pick those “best apples in Ohio” because they had all been harvested in October.  This orchard was not a U-pick place and even if it was we were weeks too late!  When we asked the owners they told us it had never been a U-pick orchard!

We did spot these egg plants but the guys weren’t too excited about egg plant picking.  We did discover a pond as we walked through the barren orchard.

Jake and Sam managed to have a great time by throwing rocks into an algae covered pond while we shopped at the little store in the front of the orchard.The farm cat provided plenty of entertainment while I picked my apples………………..I’ll take that bag and apple butter and apple cider please.  Yes, they were the best apples in Ohio.

I am thinking of the phrase, consider the source.  The last time the Hunk suggested a family outing it was to attend a class at a park on coyotes in Ohio.  Let’s just say that class was very interesting.  Jim did mention that his friend had just told him how good the apples were not that it was a place you could pick them.  He didn’t mention this until we were on our 20 mile trip home.

This day made a wonderful memory and has provided us with many laughs.  Anyone else ever go “apple picking” in November?

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