Posted by: Susan | April 10, 2012

Birthdays, birthdays, birthdays

We just came back from a 5 day trip to Maryland to celebrate Easter with 50 family members.  We decided to celebrate April’s and Sam’s birthdays before we left since Sam’s was on Easter Sunday and April’s was on Monday the day we drove home.

The choice for dinner was Red Robin where we can get gluten-free food for 3 people who have Celiac disease and they have bottomless french fries for Sam(notice his hat in front of him) who has a bottomless stomach.

Birthday boy Sam with friend Michaela who happens to be April’s boyfriend Jake’s sister.

 I loved Sam’s reaction to his birthday present from Michaela.  He does have a slight crush on her.  Next came the birthday song and his most favorite present of all.  Michaela let him give her one kiss on the cheek.


 We had such a good time that last night April choose Red Robin again to celebrate her actual birthday on April 9th.  We had just driven almost 500 miles and decided to stop at the same restaurant before we got home.  More singing and celebrating are always in order for a 24th birthday!

This is totally off topic but is anyone else suffering from a case of too much Easter candy?  I am off to unpack and download the 2oo pictures I took in Maryland.  So much to share……………..about my amazing kids.


  1. Amazing kids indeed! Amazing, wonderful family!

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