Posted by: Susan | August 27, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love- Whatever.

Oh yeah.  Got out of the house and went with friends to see Eat, Pray, Love!  I had read the book last year.

Wouldn’t it be nice to take a year off to find yourself?  One year- Four months in Italy to learn a new language and eat, 4 months in India to focus on God, 4 months in Bali to enjoy the beauty of that area and meet a hunk like the actor in the movie.  Oh that’s right, I married a hunk like that.  Back to the story.  Most of us will never have the time or money to do it but we can do it right where we are.  Not only did the author of the book do all of the above she wrote a book about it and made a bizzillion dollars.  So here is my list of how I will find myself  (without leaving home) and what I learned in the book and movie.

1.  I am all over that Eat part of the book.  I can’t travel to Italy so it is on to more Italian restaurants and drinking more Italian wines.  I will do this for 4 months.

2.  Learn a new language.  I did that and continue to learn the new language of special ed., teacher and therapist speak, and translating what my kids with Down syndrome are saying.  I will do this for the rest of my life.

3. Travel to a different country to learn a new culture.  See number 2.

4.  Pray.  In India the main character, played by Julia Roberts, got up at 4:30 to pray and meditate.  I can do that here.  I actually enjoy getting up that early before the kids get up to pray and read my Bible.  More lifetime stuff.

5.  Love.  The character didn’t want to be defined by the man she was married to (then divorced) or the men she dated.  Buck up ladies.  You are only defined by your man if you allow yourself to be.  I am crazy about my husband of 33 years but I am still my own person.  There have been many, many compromises in our marriage but I am still my own person.  You don’t need to travel the world to know that you are and will always be a unique individual.  Believe me I am totally different from when I was in my 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s.  It’s called growth and you just live life and it happens.  I feel like Buzz Lightyear after writing that- “to infinity and beyond.”  Love is a choice.  I know trite but so true.  We choose to love ourselves, spouse and children.   We can do that right here.  OK, another thing longer then 4 months.

6.  The other thing I came away with is that through all the author’s experiences she stayed creative.  What have you given up for your children or husband that you can add back into your life?  What were you doing, before all the stuff that you do now, that you really, really like and want to start again someday?  Don’t wait for someday.  See number 5 for Buzz Lightyear reference.  Life goes by FAST.

7.  Last profound thing I learned from the movie.  It is a total chick flick that your husband/boyfriend or any male friend in your life will hate.  Go back to point #1 to see what you can do with the  money you saved by not buying “him” a ticket.

Where am I in the above picture?  The gorgeous woman with the white curly hair.  I am off to ride my bike in Bali, I mean Blue Ash.


  1. Loved your blog, how very true!! I can help you with #1 and offer you some Italian wine and let you know I will acompany you to any Italian restaurant (not counting Olive Garden).
    To Infinity And Beyond!!!
    Your neighbor

    • What time should I come over for the Italian wine? It is Friday. Is 4:30 too early? Susan

  2. I love your blogs! I miss you and your family so much!! I always loved coming with Dan to Gainesville for weekends. I have defined myself by my relationships in the past and learned the hard way that that just doesn’t work! Oh well, I guess the important things is that I learned from it. Enjoy your weekend and your wine! 🙂

  3. You are oustanding..keep it up 🙂

  4. I am sooooooooooo into YOUR version of the book/movie! I’m thinking about how I can accomplish it all while lying in bed – definitely doable. Great blog! xxxooo

    • Get better BF.

  5. I can picture your white hair blowing in the wind as you ride through the streets of Blue Ash. Love your blog.

  6. First, I love your longer white hair. Second, I love your wisdom. We can accomplish many, if not all, of the E-P-L goals right here at home.
    I miss all of you living across the street so much I can’t nearly express what I miss. I’m sure your neighbors feel a new glow in the neighbor hood because of your family there.
    I’m coming to see you some day and I hope soon.


    • We miss you too. Put Cincinnati on your “bucket list”. You will love it!

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