Posted by: Susan | October 13, 2011

Where is Ronald McDonald (the clown) buried?

Even though it looks like we are touring somewhere in Europe on a beautiful fall day..

we were right here in Cincinnati at the gorgeous Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum.  Spring Grove is called an art museum without walls.  Jim had arranged for his Marine Corps League Detachment to take a tram tour followed by dinner.  If someone offers me a chance to not cook I’m in.  Sam of course added some excitement to the tour.  The history here is incredible.  The grounds are gorgeous!If you look closely you can see a wedding party in the background getting their pictures taken.  I saw four different wedding parties getting photos.  In addition the cemetery was filled with walkers, joggers, bike riders and photographers.This was my favorite monument and the figure on the top is a statue of Moses.  I used it as a teachable moment.Sam used the teachable moment to tell this manthat he looked like one of the figures carved into the monument.  I told you Sam kept things interesting!Meanwhile back on the tram Jacob was waiting patiently.April was fascinated by the marker that was carved to look like a tree.Just before we went into dinner April had to pose with this fire truck.  The next day their was a classic car show held on the grounds.As we were leaving the beautiful grounds Sam was trying to tell me something.  The only thing I could understand was the word clown.  I asked April to translate for me because many times she understands the boys speech when I can’t.  Sam had seen and read a large marker that said MacDonald.  He thought that Ronald McDonald, the clown from McDonalds, was buried there.  With a toss of her blond hair and a laugh she said, “No stupid, he is not buried there.”  Oh yes, another teachable moment.

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