Posted by: Susan | September 27, 2010

The Bachelorette, Lindsay Lohan and April Meyers

Ali Fedtosky, the gorgeous blond Bachelorette, has people criticizing the way she looks in photos. Not to worry because her hunky fiance Roberto tell her she is beautiful every day even when she does not feel beautiful!

Lindsay Lohan, another gorgeous woman and actress is taking drugs again because she is bored! She has been arrested and released on probation for her latest failed drug/alcohol test.

Enter April Meyers.  April, 22, doesn’t struggle with an image problem, alcohol problem or drug problem.  She has never been in jail.   April is not bored with life.  She is very content with where she is in her life but has goals for the future.  She also happens to have down syndrome.  This weekend, after much primping ,she went to the Prom at the Vineyard Church with her boyfriend, brother, and friends.  Nobody drank, did drugs or got bored.  They just had a fabulous time.  So the nugget of truth here is?

A.  Sometimes when you read a story you are not sure who has the disability.

B.  Most young adults with down syndrome have a great self-image.

C.  You don’t need drugs, alcohol, or a perfect face/body to have a great life.

D.  Feeling down?  Get out and volunteer or hang out with people who have disabilities.

E.  All of the above!!!

Ali and Lindsay if you are reading this go back and reread answer D.  Then just do it!  I guarantee you’ll have a different (better) perspective about your life!  I speak from experience because my kids have made me a better person.


  1. Love it!

  2. Oh my goodness. I loved every word of this post! Your daughter is so beautiful! She looks amazing in her red dress! I love that she is happy and content! There is no better way to live than that, is there? I think she is far more beautiful than Lindsay Lohan any day of the week : )

    • Thank you for the encouragement.

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