Posted by: Susan | October 13, 2010

Funny One

Sam is a funny kid.  He has a great sense of humor.  I am surprised by what my kids come up with.  Today Sam’s gluten-free breakfast was- GF french toast with syrup, grapes, OJ, and yogurt.  The Hunk, thinking he was helping Sam,  took of the foil top off the yogurt cup, licked it, and put it on the Sam’s plate covered with left over syrup.  Sam said, “What kind of a man are you?”  Jim held it together and we have had a great laugh over this statement.

Two weeks ago I took the boys to Book by the Banks to meet and greet lots of authors.  We bought books and got autographs.  On the way out Sam spotted a table with a miniature Eiffel Tower.  “Mom, come here and look at this” he called.   I am thinking to myself as I walk over, ” You are so good Susan.  You read Madeline books to him.  You talked about Paris.  You even got books about the Eiffel Tower out of the library to read to him.  He’s got it.  Sam knows what that is and that it is in France!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  “Hey Mom, look this is where Cody and Bailey broke up” he chortled………….  Are you thinking to yourself right now who are Cody and Bailey?  You my friend must not watch the Disney channel like I do.  That reference is from The Suite Life on Deck when Cody and Bailey broke up at the Eiffel Tower!  Disney trumps mom almost every time.   Funny one.   BTW, funny one comes from our son Derek.  When he was about 3 he started saying this after something struck him funny.  Twenty-six years later we still use it.What kind of a man are you?                                                                                                                                                                                      

 Funny one………….

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  1. Laughing hard over this one Susan!

    • My goal in life- make Andi laugh…………………….

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