Posted by: Susan | February 21, 2011

Big sister gives her view of growing up with 3 sibs with DS.

Big sister Jenny wrote a fabulous post about how she felt when April was born, what she wrote in her diary and what her life was like growing up with 3 siblings with down syndrome.  I was touched and a little teary eyed when I read it.  I really had never asked her to go into detail about what it was like growing up in our family of six kids (3 with down syndrome). She wrote it for the blog  Down Syndrome Pregnancy and you can find it here Siblings Speak Out .


Hold on I have to take a Mom break because  Sam just came downstairs to make himself a grilled cheese sandwich for a snack.


Notice the cheapo toaster we use only for Sam’s bread.  His recipe is… toast bread, put cheese between warm bread and then squish together.

This way of making a grilled cheese sandwich works for me because……I don’t have to do it.  Where was I? Oh yes, telling you how proud I am about older daughter. This is Jenny’s blog.  There is a really cute picture of big brother Derek and Sam on it.

Since I accidentally deleted most of my pictures last week I had to find one on Google Image of by beautiful daughter.  The one above is her “official” picture for work.


Thanks Jenny for writing an excellent article.




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