Posted by: Susan | March 16, 2011

Jake’s last high school IEP.

For those of you who don’t have a child with a disability IEP stands for Individual Education Plan.  Once a year a team comes together to plan what will help each child meet their educational, social, and sometimes behavioral goals for the coming year.  We have been doing this pretty much since the first year of Jake’s life and now here is the last one in a formal school setting.  He will have 2 more years in a post-secondary setting but here we are  planning for his…..Senior Year!

Sometimes as a parent this can be a very intimidating experience but not here in our school district.  We have awesome people helping and teaching Jake.   Check out the pictures below.

Left to right:  Susan Murphy, school nurse…Leslie Smith, Work/Study coordinator…Cindy Parrott, Astronomy teacher

Kelley Flodder, Math and Independent Living Skills…Jack Darland, Transition Specialist…Tamara Brewer, Reading

In the yellow shirt, Mike Narad, Reading… the pink shirt, Jake, the most important Team Member!  Yes he participated, gave input, and signed the IEP.

Top center:  Ken Holdt, Aviator Chorale…Mike Anderson, Guidance Counselor…Jenny Buesling, Speech Therapist and Jake.

It helped to have the whole team there.  At one point the team was discussing the computer class I had picked out for Jake and telling me that it may be very challenging for him.  One of the teachers had a student in that class and told me why it was so hard for him.  His Astronomy teacher came up with a great alternative for another computer class and Jake approved the change…team work.


I wanted the last year to be fun!  He will be doing choir again, computer and a PE class along with his core subjects.  Lots of work on phonics, articulation and skills for his diabetes.   In the Math class he will work on decimals and negative number along with locking in the numbers 0-300.  All this is necessary for his diabetes.  Add in Social Studies, English and his work opportunity and we have the makings of a fantastic senior year.  All that was left to do was have the twelve team members sign the document.






  1. Congrats – and I am so glad he has such a great team! The last IEP – what a huge accomplishment….

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