Posted by: Susan | June 21, 2011

Because of down syndrome…

We have 6 kids, 3 with down syndrome, and yes the DS radically changed our lives.  It changed how we look at and treat other people.  It changed how we run our lives and pick a school district.  It steered my older daughter in the direction of her career, speech pathology.  Many positive things have come out of the diagnosis of down syndrome.  Because of down syndrome we have met people who we never would have crossed paths with.  Liz is one of those people who has come into our lives. 

I admit it.  Sometimes I need a break from my kids.  In addition it looks weird when they hang out with me all the time. It is not cool to go with your mom to the pool, movies, Kings Island, OK anywhere, when you are 14, 18 and 23.  Enter Liz.  Liz became their friend, confidant, mentor and helper.  She is so very competent, smart, caring, and dare I say an age appropriate role model for my kids.  If I ruled the world I would have my oldest son marry her and she would be part of our family forever.  But know it is time for her to move on to the next phase in her life.  She just received her Master’s Degree in genetic counseling.  It was no surprise to me that she was offered a job months before she graduated. She will be moving out-of-state.  The good news is she will be only 1 1/2 hours away making it easy to visit.  With a heavy heart we said our good byes to Liz.

Who has come into your lives lately because of down syndrome?

Now that Liz is gone and all 3 kids are home for the summer I will be doing less blogging.  Look for more picture posts like my Friday – This Moment theme.


  1. Such a great post…and the number of people who have enriched our lives because of down syndrome are too many to count. I hope we have changed theirs too.

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