Posted by: Susan | September 22, 2011

Good news from Children’s Hospital Boston

It’s all good news coming out of Children’s Hospital Boston about how having a child with Down syndrome affects family life.  I am not surprised, after living that life for over 23 years, that the research came out on a positive note for families and siblings.  Check out the ‘Good News’.

Dan, Jenny and Derek

All 3 older siblings would tell you that having younger sibs with Down syndrome has made them better more empathetic adults.  They love their younger sister and brothers and have high expectations for them.  It is great to have them available for my 3 younger kids to talk to when they are tired talking to Mom and Dad about something going on in their lives.

On another note, it is Homecoming Spirit Week at the high school with a different type of dress required each day.  I couldn’t convince Jake to dress like a twin with his brother for twin day.  Monday they did wear team jerseys and Tuesday jungle motif.The GuysI love the look big bro is giving little bro!

I went to the school on Tuesday to buy Homecoming Dance tickets and found Sam throwing a football through a hula hoop.  This is just one of the many activities they have going on during lunch time this week.  I love the fact that my boys have the freedom to roam around the Commons area during lunch like everyone else.

So what’s left for the rest of the week?

Thursday:  Crazy color day at school, Men’s Day Out for Jake and choir with Dad for both boys.

Friday: Bowling and lunch out with their class, pep rally at school, Homecoming Parade and football game.

Saturday:  Ballroom dance class performance and Homecoming Dance

Sunday: Canoe trip with the Youth Group

A very good weekend coming up……………………..!


  1. What a very spirited week!

    High expectations.

  2. I LOVE that there’s finally some positive info in the mainstream media about Ds, other than Homecoming kings and queens (which is still cool). My little guy (with Ds) is #4 of 5 kids. He’s almost 4. His 3 older sibs LOVE him to pieces and the youngest loves to climb on him. I love your blog! I get so wrapped up in the blogs of younger ones since that’s where we are in life, but yours is so refreshing and uplifting for the future. I’ll definitely share this! Thanks.

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