Posted by: Susan | May 8, 2012

Spring time means Prom time

It seems to be a rite of passage these days attending the prom in a BIG way.  The invite must be special.  It must involve dinner, flowers, a limo, a tux or expensive dress and all the accessories.  If you are a girl it also includes prom hair, pedicure, manicure and jewelry.  Are you seeing visions of dollar signs flying by in your head yet?  I was determined not to buy in to the whole prom thing.  If Jake showed an interest I would make it happen but if not I was fine.  Two weeks before the prom he let me know that he wanted to go with his friend Lizzie.  Notice I said friend and not girlfriend.  He would be meeting his other friends there.

Big sister Jen is my go to person for help getting my kids prom ready.  It took hours to get April ready for her prom but only 30 minutes for Jake.  The big thing was how to tie that darn bow tie!There is just something about seeing your younger brother dressed for the prom that makes you want to hug him.  I of course got tears in my eyes thinking about how quickly this growing up thing has happened.  Meanwhile we had an observer to the whole getting ready ritual.

It’s tough watching someone else getting ready but don’t feel too sorry for April because she been to many, many, many dances.  We took a few pictures with his sisters and then it was off to pick up Lizzie.

The great thing about our school district is that they have been including students with disabilities into the classroom and extra activities for so long that it is just normal for everyone to go to the prom.

Jake arrived at the prom venue and met up with more friends.  He didn’t even get in the door without students stopping him to talk.  Yes, there were people there to help Jake with his diabetes, like the gorgeous Carolyn on the far right of the above picture.  Two wonderful women were at the Prom and After Prom to help.  I did find out Jake did a great job of dancing to Footloose.  He knows all the moves from watching the movie and You Tube.  He danced the night away with many friends and then headed back to the high school for the After Prom.  The Hunk picked him up at 3:00 a.m.  Jake didn’t seem tired at all but Jim and I, well that’s another story.

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