Posted by: Susan | June 7, 2012

Born to be wild……………….and Down syndrome

I moved to Los Angeles in 1967.  One of the popular songs at the time was “Born to be Wild”.  I might have gone to Love-Ins in Los Angeles.  If you are too young to know about these check it out on Wikipedia.  Perhaps I did ride up on the back of a motorcycle to see what was happening in San Fransisco because after all, as the song said, I was “born to be wild.”  Never in a million years would I ever dream that I would ever have 6 kids, 3 with Down syndrome. and be living in C I N C I N N A T I !  Fast forward a few years decades.  Jake had finished reading a book so he was allowed to rent a Wii game.  His choice was Just Dance Summer Party.  As I prepared lunch of gluten-free pizza I heard a familiar song playing in the background…..Born to be Wild.  The irony was not lost on me.

You want to see wild?  Yesterday I had to put together 18 pages of documentation to continue April’s medical insurance.  I can assure you I was very wild by the time that task was completed.

I am off to listen to Steppenwolf because I am still wild even though I have 6 kids and live in Cincinnati!

Born to be Wild  7 million views so far and counting


  1. Funny, wild girl:)

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