Posted by: Susan | June 11, 2016

The Truth about VBS!

vbs 4

Even though my kids are too old to attend VBS (Vacation Bible School) they can still volunteer to help.  April tried volunteering for several years and finally wised up and said no more.  Samuel would never even think about helping but then there is Jacob.  Creative Jacob has helped with the arts and crafts for the last 5 years.  Because I have no desire to spend 5 evenings with 250 kids I volunteered to cut out “things” for the arts and crafts.  But before I go any further let me just tell you that VBS has changed …a lot in the last 10 years.  It is an industry that sells curriculum  There are professional props and videos and music.  I am not kidding when I say this but Justin Bieber could record one of these VBS songs and it would go to #1 on the charts.  They are that good.  VBS gets bigger and better each year.  Just check out those tags that Jacob is standing next to.  There is a column just like it on the other side of that life size bug.  Church members are supposed to take these tags with them and bring back their donations for VBS.  Imagine my surprise when some of the tags read: 20 gallons of vegetable oil!  I am convinced that the developers of the curriculum don’t have kids.  They also love Pinterest.  Someone came up with the great idea that since the theme is Cave Quest we should make lava lamps to see in the cave.  This consists of oil, food coloring, fizzy tablets and various other things put in a used water bottle.  Lava lamps are really code words for a disaster waiting to happen.  Oh well I guess I will just buy a #10 can size of chocolate pudding and gummy words (more donation items) to make edible dirt.  That shouldn’t be too messy.  But I digress.vbs 1

My job is to cut out 250 crosses.  Oops to the one on the right.  Yep, they are going to make a mosaic backing to be pasted on the back of the open cross.  I convinced a friend to help me.  She may no longer be talking to me because I probably slipped her more than half of my pile of black construction paper.  To my credit I did cut out 250 bats.

What happened to paper and crayons and maybe if you got a little crazy glue and glitter?  What happened to juice and crackers for a snack every night!  Darn you Pinterest.  I could go on and on but I have to search Pinterest for how to get vegtable oil out of carpets.  There has got to be a board for that…right?



  1. It is good to read your blog again, Susan. I am not on FB much as it was taking so much time, but I do love to read your amusing anecdotes . 😃❤️

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