Posted by: Jennifer | January 2, 2009

A New Year, A New Fued

April is passionate about a lot of things. Church. The Florida Gators. Email. And – The Biggest Loser. Over the last year she has lost about 20lbs. and is religious about sticking to her biggest loser goals. For instance – during Christmas she left the dinner table because the plate of cookies I brought to share was “tempting” her. 

Earlier in the fall April and I were on a “team” partnered to lose some weight (mine from having a baby, hers from – well… life).  We were doing well – encouraging each other and steadily losing a few pounds. And then….

I got kicked off the team.

Yes, my dear, sweet, lovable sister kicked my off of her biggest loser team. After Thanksgiving she told me, “I’ll see you in the elimination room!” She sent me emails – “I hope you eat a lot of donuts and gain back the pounds.” Okay, I admit we have years of antagonizing each other behind us and apparently years more to come! Once kicked off the team my natural tendency to drive her crazy kicked into overdrive.

And was completely ignored. Aside from the rude emails. So what was I to do? On Christmas after getting the cold shoulder I tackled her to the ground and smothered her in kisses. I tickled her to death and begged her to take me back. She didn’t budge despite my efforts.

So, April. The feud is on. I will be the biggest loser! Go pink team!


  1. you go, girl! kepler and i are rooting for you! he turned three yesterday . . .

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