Posted by: Susan | November 5, 2010


“Our records indicate that your GPA meets or exceeds the required 3.6 needed to apply for entry into the NHS(National Honor Society). ” That was the beginning of a letter that Jake received.  He has been invited to apply  for entry into the National Honor Society.  Say What?  OK, it is obviously generated by a computer that sends it out school wide to all students with a high GPA.  I had to chuckle when I thought of Jake applying.  I am thinking he wouldn’t get accepted.   Jake makes excellent grades and is on the Honor Roll almost every semester.  That’s how they do it in our school district.  You get the grades, no matter what level of class’ you take, you make the Honor Roll.  In addition your name gets published in the newspaper and in high school you get to attend a special breakfast!  In Jr. High you get your name in the newspaper and a cling-on “S” to put on your car window showing the world how smart your child is.  I am so glad our school district does this for all the students.  You make the grade- you get the prize!  Love it……………

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