Posted by: Susan | March 9, 2011

You gotta have friends.

Monday I wrote about my trip to Ikea and what I learned about down syndrome but if you remember I went there for real drinking glasses.  Here they are…

I got them because my friends were coming for dinner.  All grownups at dinner and great fun.

Don’t get so wrapped up in your kids that you forget to cultivate those friendships.  Of course your kids need friends too.

I took the above picture but I did not stay to eat with Jake and his friends.   Here the kids are bowling with their friends.

They talk, tease, joke and bowl together every Monday.  I don’t record the score or give bowling tips.  I am talking to my therapy group, other mothers, while the kids bowl with their friends.  Many Mondays we all go out to dinner with the kids at one table and the moms at another.  We need our space and so do they.


Friendship is important for our kids and for us!  Friendship takes time, energy and effort but the benefits are so worth it.  Look for ways to cultivate friends for your kids that doesn’t involve you…except for the transportation:)  And don’t forget your friends.  It’s OK if mommy comes first sometimes!!!!!


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