Posted by: Susan | April 25, 2011

Sometimes plans change

I had a plan for Easter and for once had it all organized the day before.  After church we were going on an Easter picnic(it rained all day).   Plans change.

Sam gazing at the Easter Bunny from afar knowing he is too old to visit him but he still enjoys looking.

This is as close as I got to an Easter lily.  Jim thought I had ordered one for church and I thought he was going to place the order. Plans change.

This is as much as I did to decorate the table before I went to bed because I caught “it”.  The “it” is whatever Sam had last week that kept him home from school.  So the Hunk took the kids to church, made Easter dinner and brought me various medicines and tea in bed.  Plans change…..

Today will be a better day.  Happy Easter Monday.

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