Posted by: Susan | August 24, 2011

It’s almost over…

Tomorrow school starts so we have been squeezing in as much as possible.  Since last Friday we have seen the play, Children of Eden, Jake enjoying the play.

and the all 3 kids went to Kings Island on Monday.April, Drew and Jake waiting Sam.  Oops he missed this photo-op.

Yesterday the boys went again to Kings Island but this time to the water park.  April met friends at a local pool in the afternoon.  Last night we went to the final summer concert in the park.  Even if we just have finished dinner at home there still must be a snack at the park.  There is lots of talking and greeting of friends and then settling in for the concert to start.Pam Noah and her Swing Time Band.

The audience age range is toddlers to World War II veterans.  People are invited to dance on the stage and of course Jake is up there showing off his swing dance moves.

Swimming is coming to an end too.

Now we have reached the day before school starts so we really must get serious about getting ready.  The boys and I will go to the high school to drop off Jake’s diabetes supplies and this afternoon Sam gets his teeth cleaned.  Tonight we will prepare as much as possible for the big first day and everyone will go to bed earlier.  Somehow I just know that Jake and Sam are not going to want to jump out of bed at 5:45AM every week day.

It’s been a very good summer…………………………….

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