Posted by: Susan | June 14, 2012

Do teens with Down syndrome give compliments?

Is it just me or do other moms feel under appreciated and not even noticed by our children?  We just go along doing our mom thing of giving, helping and taking care of everyone with nary a word of encouragement.  It goes on for so long that when it happens we are stunned.

Today, as we were headed out in the car for an adventure, Jake looked over at me and said, “Mom you look beautiful with that thing around your neck (scarf).”  I was shocked.  My guy noticed what I was wearing and then gave me a compliment.  I wasn’t shocked because he did this even though he has Down syndrome.  I was shocked because he is a teenager and actually took the time and thought to tell me I looked beautiful.  And you know what?  That compliment  made me feel beautiful for the rest of the day.  Thanks Jacob for being so thoughtful.

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