Posted by: Susan | November 28, 2012

4 Thanksgiving meals: A blessing in disguise.

I didn’t plan on it but I ate 4 Thanksgiving meals!  It all started the Tuesday before Thanksgiving when I was invited to a ‘Feast’ at Starfire U.  April informed me she was to bring pumpkin pies and whipped cream, yummy.  The next feast was after April, Jake and Sam performed at Deaconess Hospital on Weds.  We were invited to stay for lunch and I heard myself saying to Jake and Sam, “Don’t eat that it has gluten in it.”Sam warming up before the performance.

Since the Hunk had to work on Thanksgiving we headed to our church for a Thanksgiving lunch.After lunch we took a delicious plate of food to Dad at work and dropped Sam off to help him.  Sam loves hanging out with his Dad anytime he can.  I went home and started preparing my first ever, totally gluten-free, Thanksgiving dinner.  I used GF bread to make the stuffing and made my own white sauce for the green bean casserole topping it with  Trader Joe’s baked Snack-O’s(crunchy corn rings flavored with sweet onion seasoning) and it worked just fine.  I rounded out the meal with gravy thickened with corn starch and a GF crustless pumpkin pie.  It was so worth the effort to watch Jake and Sam enjoy dinner.Eating 4 Thanksgiving meals may seem like an overload of way too much consumption.  I look at it now as an opportunity to interact with 4 different groups of people.  What a blessing.

Four Thanksgiving meals in 3 days.  I hope next year I am lucky enough to attend at least that many feasts and maybe even more!


  1. Have you found a good GF bread?? The ones we’ve tried are just terrible….

    Love your blog!!

    • Sam likes Food for Life Brown Rice bread. I used Udi’s white bread for the stuffing. I dried it in the oven and then cubed it. Jake doesn’t eat much sandwich bread but likes Udi’s hamburger and hot dog rolls.

  2. so happy you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I love the idea of everyone gathering at the church and sharing food. so nice! xo Teri

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