Posted by: Susan | March 26, 2013


Yesterday I some how locked the downstairs bathroom door from the outside.  I couldn’t get back into the bathroom and couldn’t even blame it on the kids.  The Hunk was not around but not to worry, I would just watch a You Tube tutorial on how to unlock it.  How hard could it be?  You just stick something thin, with a flat end into the lock and twist.  Easy peasy.  I tried and tried and tried but no luck.  Jake saw me struggling and asked, “Mom, do you want me to try?”IMG_6533In about 5 seconds Jake had the door unlocked.  Our guys with Down syndrome are capable of so much if only we and others give them a chance.

And speaking about capable people with Down syndrome, Eli Reimer hiked 70 miles to the base camp of Mt. Everest.  He was the first person with Down syndrome to accomplish this feat. Why did he do it?  You will just have to read the article to find out:)

It’s Spring break here at our house so I will be taking a break with my kids.  See you next week.

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