Posted by: Susan | April 17, 2013

O’er the ramparts he ran…

Over Easter we took a road trip to Maryland with a short visit to the DC area.  We passed on sight-seeing in DC on the first day because of the crowds, the cold and parking issue.  You can read about our drive by tour at Road Trip.

The following day we were going to do a real tour of DC but again after a late start and the knowledge that DC was jammed with Spring Break tourists we went to the ever popular Plan B, driving right past all those gorgeous monuments and directly to Fort McHenry National Monument and Shrine.  This fabulous National Park is located in Baltimore.  The best thing was that when we got there we found plenty of free parking.  OK, that really wasn’t the best thing but it was pretty darn important.  Here is where Francis Scott Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner while watching the Battle of Baltimore from a British war ship.  Here is where the citizens of Balitmore stopped the British invasion during the War of 1812.  The British had just burned Washington DC and planned to do the same to Baltimore until they were stopped by the amazing people of Baltimore.Ft._Henry_bombardement_1814

The fort is located at the opening of the Baltimore Harbor with an unbelievable view of the Chesapeake Bay.  Right beyond the Francis Scott Key Bridge is where the British war ships were anchored.IMG_6585The visitor’s center has a wonderful multi-media presentation that is not to be missed.  It gives the history of the battle and kept Jake and Sam enthralled as the story unfolded.  This is the way to learn history for my guys.  Watch a presentation and then be able to explore the actual site where it happened.IMG_6587Sam checking for British ships…IMG_6582Jake, the Hunk and April exploring the area at the base of the fort.

IMG_6593 IMG_6594Ramparts for Sam to climb and run on….check.

IMG_6597Places for Jake to inspect and me to feel patriotic as I snapped this photo of him and the flag….check.

IMG_6600 IMG_6607Cannons to study….check.IMG_6618 IMG_6605Fabulous views…check.

IMG_6621There was even a place that I could keep an eye on Sam!

IMG_6622Every time we sing the Star Spangled banner we will now think about Ft McHenry.  If you live close by or are planning a visit to Washington DC this is not to be missed.  Next week is National Parks Week and you can get into this park and any national park in the United States for free.

O’er the ramparts he ran...definitely the best way to learn history.

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