Posted by: Susan | September 8, 2010

Mom, you need a new boyfriend!

Another fun thing we did on Monday was go to Lowe’s to look for new windows.  Doesn’t that sound like fun?  Here is how we all go to Lowe’s.  Jim – go in, find lots of things to buy he wasn’t looking for, look at the windows and check out.  Me – go in, look at windows, get out.  Boys – go in, have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I mean just right inside the door is  cool Halloween stuff not to mention tractors to get on.  There are aisles and asiles of things to look at and pick up!

When we were deciding on the windows the boys were B O R E D until they found these cool chairs to spin on.

This kept them busy for at least 10 minutes.  The salesperson couldn’t find our information in the computer so we would have to come back on Tuesday!  The next day I got a call that they had found all information and we could come in and order the windows.  Back to Lowe’s with boys in tow.  Back to the window department.  Back to those fabulous chairs.  There was only one thing wrong.  They couldn’t find our information in the computer – again.  Jim was getting a tiny bit cranky with me (read between the lines here) and he was not happy with the boys.  “Stop playing with those chairs” he told the boys.  I decided to use the wisdom I had gleaned through the years and take the boys up front to wait while Jim and the salesperson wrestled with the order.  As we know there are interesting Halloween things at the front of the store.  When we were walking away Jacob said,  “Mom, Dad is cranky tonight.”  “Yes, Jake he is a little bit cranky” I replied.   “Mom, you need a new boyfriend” he said.   I had to laugh.  I love my kids perspective on life.  As parents we need to concentrate more on what’s funny and let the other stuff go.  By the way I am going to keep this boyfriend, at least a little while longer.


  1. You came to the right conclusion, BF….finding a new boyfriend might be SLIGHTLY tough at this time in our lives. At least you’d have LOTS of help from your kids, right?

    • Right!

  2. You made me LOL when I didn’t think I had any smiles in me 🙂 THANK YOU!

    • Laughing is soooooooooooooo good!

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