Posted by: Susan | September 14, 2010

My own textbooks… AT LAST!!!

Sam has books.  Two textbooks that belong to him for a year. Real hard coverd books he got from his regular education classes in Science and Social Studies.  Maybe this doesn’t seem like a big deal to you but it is.  First you must know I love my school system and the teachers Sam has had through the years.  They are wonderful.  Sam has always been included in many classes at school but he would go out for his math, reading, and language arts.  I am OK with that.  I love the one on one help he gets.  The only thing is that in special education the students don’t seem to have their own books.  Yes, they have workbooks that are consumable- used and then tossed- but no real books.  Now that he is in Jr. High I wanted him in regular education for Science and Social Studies.  The classes are modified but he got the BOOKS.  The first day he got them her ran off the bus, ran upstairs to show his Dad and then ran downstairs to show me.  If he went upstairs he took his books.  If he watched TV he had his books.  When he went to bed he read his books.   Next we had to send in paper bags to cover the books. This was great fun to Sam.  He kept bringing his books home every night for over a week.  Now if you know anything about textbooks you know that they are heavy.  Heavy to lug and they take up lots of room in his backpack making it very hard to put anything else inside.  Finally I had to email the teacher to ask her to please make sure he leaves the books at school unless he needs them for an assignment.  But Sam has books and he is so happy.   Inclusion in the classroom even includes getting the books!

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