Posted by: Susan | October 3, 2012

2 down 1 to go…………..

April has been reminding me that she needs a flu shot.  What kind of person wants a flu shot.  I may be a little squeamish when it comes to shots.  This fear concern comes from having to stand in long lines at school to wait my turn for a vaccination.  Yes, that’s how they use to do it in the dark ages, at school.  I would be number 50 in line watching my friends cry and scream and moan as they had the very long needle inserted in their arm.  Oh wait, this blog isn’t about me but about April, Jake and Sam.  Back to the story.  April and I went to the pharmacy on Saturday to pick up a prescription and she reminded me, “Mom, I need a flu shot.  I don’t want to get sick!” April is my hero.  She even watched as she was given the shot and didn’t utter a sound.  I had to turn my back and pretend I was shopping so I didn’t have to watch.  I did not get my flu shot on Saturday.  I am still getting up the nerve to get it done.  Look at the length of that needle.  It must be at least 4 inches long.  I must stop hyperventilating now…………..!  2 down 1 3 to go, the Hunk, Sam and me.  When I do get the shot I am definitely letting our cute pharmacist Mike give the injection.

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